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Expert Infertility Care


As the area’s leading provider of fertility care, we understand how challenging it can be to fulfill your dream of expanding your family. That’s why our program is designed to address each couple’s unique medical, emotional and financial situation. We’re proud of our reputation for high pregnancy rates as well as professional and compassionate care.

What should I expect?

First, we’ll review the medical histories of you and your partner. Then, we’ll perform a physical examination to help evaluate ovulatory and anatomic factors. We will also conduct a number of tests, which can include blood tests, hormone evaluations, semen analysis, endometrial biopsies, and laparoscopies, among others.

What happens next?

Together, we’ll help determine the fertility treatment that’s right for you and your partner. Our full array of assisted reproductive technologies includes artificial insemination, ovulation induction, tubal ligation reversal and other reproductive surgeries. Whatever your fertility treatment may involve, you’ll get the medical expertise you expect as well as the emotional support you need.

Contact us today to meet with our experts and learn more about our infertility treatment options.


Patient Reference Documents

For the list of codes for procedures (needed when you call your insurance company)

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For detailed Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and Therapeutic Donor Inseminations (TDI) 

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For the protocol for taking oral medications with Injections

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